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You are a simple person, with a simple Orange friend, a cube, your friend has an attitude and won't stand still so you have to chase them. They are fast. You are running across a black tiled ground, as you move, you claim tiles and they turn white. Beware of red tiles that grow out of the ground. They don't want you to reach your friend. This is a super early build of a much grander game I hope to make. Hopefully I can get this greenlit when it gets further in development. I hope to add controller support, bigger levels with extra obstacles to overcome, a soundtrack, and more appealing looks. Feedback is welcome, please be civil. Thanks! Please email me any questions or comments at everythingwright@gmail.com


Install instructions

Just execute the setup file provided! "Simple" as that!


SimpleDemo Setup(0.1) x86.exe 18 MB
SimpleDemo Setup(0.1) x64.exe 20 MB

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